Custom Led lighted Address box Sign.

indoor & outdoor  lighted House marker

Material: Aluminum/  Polycarbonate

Body color: Aluminum is covered with transparent protective paint.

Option desired color is painted additional cost

Box Size:  10-1/4  x 16'' x 2''

5 inch numbers are easy to read day or night ensuring your home will be easily found.

Light Effect: Customized

Single color (White, Warm White, Red, Blue, Green, Pink)

And Multi-color with remote controller

Photocell sensor :  light on during the night lights off during the day itself

Application Environment:

Outdoor hotel, hospital, retail store, shopping mall, metro station, gas station, amusement park, and various public places

Easy install

Power: input 110 Volt output 12VDC

Custom Led Lighted Address Box Sign

Custom Led Lighted Address Box Sign

Indoor & Outdoor  Lighted House Marker SignMaterial: Aluminum/  Polycarbonate Body co..


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