Protect your employees and customers from spreading germs with this independent polycarbonate health shield
Also known as portable cough and sneeze, guards, plastic desktop, and bench protective shields are designed to act as a physical barrier to stop the spread of germs. They are deployed in various environments: from hospitals, personal desktops, and pharmacies to government agencies, banks, and markets, these desktop protective shields can be used almost anywhere.  Desktop protective shields are durable, lightweight, and resist more impact than glass while maintaining similar optical qualities. These Polycarbonate (Unbreakable)  sheets can be easily disinfected using non-abrasive cleaners.

Aluminum frame
The stand's firmly with support to the legs both sides.

We do any size & custom design 

Send Us with simple drawing dimensions to get prices

Bottom gap height 12 inches

can be made at the height you want

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Protective Shield

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