Protect your Customer and your helper  from spreading germs with this independent polycarbonate health shield

Also known as portable cough and sneeze, guards, plastic desktop, and bench protective shields are designed to act as a physical barrier to stop the spread of germs. They are deployed in various environments: from hospitals, personal desktops, and pharmacies to government agencies, banks, and markets, these desktop protective shields can be used almost anywhere. They come with a 26-inch wide passage built-in at the bottom to allow documents or cables. Desktop protective shields are durable, lightweight, and resist more impact than glass while maintaining similar optical qualities. These acrylic sheets can be easily disinfected using non-abrasive cleaners.

We do any size & custom design 

Send Us with simple drawing dimensions to get prices

Benchtop or Hanging 


consist of 3 pieces.  

with aluminum frame

We can adjust the height of the bottom pass as much as you want.

during manufacturing

it requires 26'' of counter space to work.   


consist of 1 piece.  

easy installation just 2 screws

with plastic  frame

chain length 10 inches, If you want longer, please let us know.

Please remember how you want horizontal or vertical


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